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U.S.-Listed ETF listed on a U.S. stock exchange

The ETF: iShares Diversified Alternatives Trust ETF (ALT)



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iShares Diversified Alternatives Trust ETF
The iShares Diversified Alternatives Trust seeks to maximize its returns by investing in long and/or short positions in foreign-currency forward contracts and exchange-traded futures contracts following investment strategies that use quantitative methodologies to identify potentially profitable discrepancies in relative values or market prices of one or more assets. The objective of the Trust is to maximize the absolute returns from investments with historically low correlation to traditional asset classes, while seeking to control the risks and volatility inherent in futures and forward contracts by taking long and short positions in historically correlated assets.

Investment type: ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund); listed on the U.S. NYSE exchange
Ticker symbol: ALT

Fund manager: iShares

Fund information from iShares: iShares Diversified Alternatives Trust ETF

Fund launched:

This ETF has been discontinued


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