British-Listed ETF listed on the British London Stock Exchange

The ETF: iShares Euro Covered Bond Fund (ICOV)



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iShares Euro Covered Bond Fund
The iShares Euro Covered Bond provides you with exposure to a diversified basket of covered bonds issued by corporate entities, usually financial institutions. Covered bonds have recourse to a pool of assets that secure the bond in the event of issuer default. Based on the high quality of the loans in the cover pool and the strength of the issuing entities, most covered bonds receive high credit ratings of AA or AAA. In addition to their high ratings, covered bonds can potentially offer investors yields that are higher than European government bonds without significantly altering the risk profiles of conservative portfolios.

Investment type: ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund); listed on the British London stock exchange

Ticker symbol: ICOV

Fund manager: iShares

Fund information from iShares: iShares Euro Covered Bond Fund

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