British-Listed ETF listed on the British London Stock Exchange

The ETF: iShares S&P Listed Private Equity Fund (IPRV)



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iShares S&P Listed Private Equity Fund
The iShares S&P Listed Private Equity offers you exposure to shares of around 25 of the world's largest publicly traded private equity stocks. This fund provides diversified exposure to the private equity universe, traditionally a difficult to access alternative asset class. The index on which the fund is based has been created by S&P professionals to ensure it represents trends in private equity stocks globally. It belongs to the family of Standard & Poor's Listed Private Equity Index Series.

Investment type: ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund); listed on the British London stock exchange

Ticker symbol: IPRV

Fund manager: iShares

Fund information from iShares: iShares S&P Listed Private Equity Fund

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