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U.S.-Listed ETF listed on a U.S. stock exchange

The ETF: Powershares Dynamic Telecommunications & Wireless Portfolio Fund (PTE)



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Powershares Dynamic Telecommunications & Wireless Portfolio Fund
The PowerShares Telecommunications & Wireless Portfolio Fund seeks to replicate the Telecommunications & Wireless Intellidex. The Intellidex thoroughly evaluates companies based on a variety of investment merit criteria, including fundamental growth, stock valuation, investment timeliness and risk factors. Securities shown to possess the greatest capital appreciation potential are selected by the Index and incorporated by the portfolio manager.

Investment type: ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund); listed on the U.S. NYSE exchange
Ticker symbol: PTE

Fund manager: Invesco PowerShares

Fund information from Invesco PowerShares: Powershares Dynamic Telecommunications & Wireless Portfolio Fund

Fund launched:

This ETF has been discontinued

The ETF Tracks This Index:
This fund is based on the Telecommunications & Wireless Intellidex (DWY). You cannot buy shares in the index directly.

Index charts and further information:

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