British-Listed ETF listed on the British London Stock Exchange

The ETF: ETFS Short Agriculture ETF (SAGR)



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ETFS Short Agriculture ETF
The ETFS Short Agriculture DJ-AIGCI Exchange-Traded Commodity ("ETC") is intended to change daily by the inverse of the daily percentage change in the DJ-AIG Agriculture Sub-IndexSM. Therefore if the DJ-AIG Agriculture Sub-IndexSM falls (or rises) by 1% in a day, the ETFS Short Agriculture DJ-AIGCISM will rise (or fall) by 1%. In addition, an interest component is added each day to give a total return investment.

Investment type: ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund); listed on the British London stock exchange

Ticker symbol: SAGR

Fund manager: ETF Securities

Fund information from ETF Securities: ETFS Short Agriculture ETF

This is the opposite/inverse investment product to the ETFS Agriculture (AIGA-LSE).

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