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Bitcoin ETF List
No Bitcoin ETFs exist as of this time (December 2013).

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have filed with the SEC to create an exchange-traded fund designed to track the value of Bitcoins:

The New York Times, 1 July 2013: Winklevoss Twins Plan First Fund for Bitcoins

CNBC, 12 November 2013: Winklevosses: Bitcoin worth at least 100 times more
"We filed an amended S-1 in October. And we're just still going through the process"

Liquidity is going to be an issue, a significant issue, that needs to be solved before a practical ETF can be created. There are numerous reports of delays or limits on cashing out Bitcoin holdings, and many exchanges have had difficulty dealing with financial institutions.

Other investment options:
  • Plus500 currently offers a Contract for Difference (CFD) product called the Bitcoin Daily CFD. In November 2013 it was reported that, due to high volatility, Plus500 had removed the leverage from the product, and instituted a rule that all contracts would expire at the end of the day.
  • A private trust known as the Bitcoin Investment Trust is also in development. It will not be as liquid as an ETF, and it geared towards institutions and high-net-worth investors.

Be warned that Bitcoins have no intrinsic value and could fall to near-zero value under various circumstances. For example if financial laws were put into place to disallow the use of Bitcoins as a form of currency. Or if Bitcoin exchanges are subject to failure, due to cyber-attack. Or if it turns out that the fundamental algorithm for creating Bitcoins can be gamed.

Update January 2015.

The proposed Bitcoin ETF, to be traded on the NASDAQ exchange and with the proposed ticker symbol COIN, is still moving through regulatory channels.

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